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Cruise on smaller ships

There are many ways of cruising around the Australia Pacific region, a favourite activity of the locals. Enjoy a small group on a cruising vessel, from an ocean-going whale watching trip, a connection to one of the many islands in this region, a river cruise to explore nature at its best, or hiring a motor cruiser. What better way to reconnect with mother nature? 

River vs ocean cruising

What is the major difference between river and ocean cuising? Mostly the waves! The ocean moves a lot more than inland river systems, which impacts your comfort on board, as well as the ability to serve excellent meals. River boats generally cruise in a natural environment within close proximity to wildlife, birds, walking trails, canoeing and land excursions when arriving at their mooring. Meals on board are usually a highlight, often served with local produce and wines. Many of the cruises offer overnight accommodation in cabins with ensuite facilites, for a long weekend to a full week.

Sea cruising

Generally these will be coastal cruises where there is a specific reason to go and view something from the water. It may be the fantastic whale-watching cruises, a trip along the coast to view stunning beaches, rock formations and wildlife, or to take you to an island. The cruiser moves much more on an ocean than on a tranquil river or lake, so be aware before booking, and be sure to take warm clothes in the cooler seasons, because it is always cooler on the water.

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