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Tours of Tasmania

Think of Tasmania and you think of the stunning scenery of the Gordon river, of green farmland, fruit orchards, and sailors everywhere. Book a tour of Tasmania and you will discover its history, art and culture, its quaint villages and modern architecture combined with natural geographical beauty of lakes, valleys and mountains, making it one of the best places to visit for a combination of nature and culture.

Tasmania's best known cities

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania. It is a city with a long stretch of marinas of all shapes and sizes, leading on to the d'Entrecasteaux channel. It is the arrival city of the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race and boasts two of the finest Yacht Clubs for hosting the boaties arriving from all over the country to enjoy the Taste of Tasmania, New Year's Eve fireworks and the Boxing day cricket match broadcast near the marina. Bustling cafes and restaurants, a stunning view over the channel, pleasant walks to Battery Point, the original settlement of pioneers, and a long esplanade around rocky outcrops, make this city a pleasure to pass through on your way to explore the inland and coastland of this intriguing island.

Places to visit on a tour in Tasmania

Tasmania - the apple island -  is a really beautiful island to explore on a Slow Tour. Cycling tours, walking tours and hiking are very popular here, also a combination of land and river on a small group escorted tour. Explore the villages and countryside or cruise along the Gordon river. There is no doubt you will enjoy some of the delicious locally produced food and wines. The many lakes and mountainous surrounds make interesting and stunningly beautiful walking and cycling experiences. 


Tasmania is off the southern coast of Australia's mainland, reached by air or the ferry which runs between Melbourne and Devenport on Tasmania's north coast.

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